Photography Articles Around the Web #7

Photography Articles Around the Web
June Selection

10 Tips for Urban Photography
Being from New York, the hustle and bustle of inner city life (while not for everyone) does provide great areas that are so interesting to spend time in – both on a personal level but also photographically.

Photography: Little Known Ways to Avoid Problems in the Field
Photography is all about preparation. Instead of running into problems when youre out shooting, understand some easy ways of tackling the more common problems you may run into!

Wedding Photography Agreement (Contract) Tips
Youve seen it before. Its not the photographer with the biggest camera or the most artistic eye that wins in the world of wedding photography. Its the best-practiced business photographer.
Unconventional wedding photography

How to Reduce Camera Shake – 6 Techniques
In this article photographer Natalie Norton explores 6 ways you can hand hold lenses at low apertures and low shutter speeds and still avoid blurry images caused by camera shake.

Food Photography Techniques and Tips
Food photographer Jonathan Pollack shares some wonderful food photography tips (and some positively mouth watering photos.

Street Photography Revisited
“if you like street photography, take a walk down the street.”

Photography 101.4 – Exposure and Stops
In this series, we cover all the basics of camera design and use. We talk about the ‘exposure triangle: shutter speed, aperture and ISO. We talk about focus, depth of field and sharpness, as well as how lenses work, what focal lengths mean and how they put light on the sensor. We also look at the camera itself, how it works, what all the options mean and how they affect your photos.

Infrared Photography
nfrared photography looks like nothing else. Im sure youve seen some IR photos around the web, but maybe you don’t know how to achieve this special effect?

Bird Photography, Part I
It can be difficult to make a good photograph of a bird. There are practical and technical reasons for that. Birds are small, fast, and shy so it is hard to get close enough to a wild bird to take the picture.

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