Photoshop Action Pack For CS3 Released

Photoshop Action Pack, a collection of 87 Automator Actions, has a new CS3 version for Mac-based Photoshop users, allow to script nearly all of Photoshop’s functionality from within Apple’s Automator. Automator also lets you build automation workflows that include more applications than just Photoshop. With the Photoshop Action Pack collection of Automator actions, you get logical operations and conditional functionality that you don’t have with Photoshop’s built-in actions.
The new version, is primarily a maintenance update that offers improved rendering when using the Save for Web features. In version 3.5, Save for Web under CS3 yielded images that appeared washed out, but, now this has been fixed.
Photoshop Action Pack For CS3Version 3.6 also provides a completely redesigned Render action that now takes up far less space in the work flow window, making navigation of your work flow a little easier.
As for new features, I can mention The Strip Extra Channels action which removes all extra channels from a document, leaving only the component color channels that are relevant to that document’s color mode.
The Photoshop Action Pack is available for free download at

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