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When photographing people we are always looking for great new and excited poses, but after applying the same poses over and over again we tend to run out of ideas and go for those good old poses we know and love.

As the art of photography keeps changing over the years, from new equipment to brand new inventions. We are always trying to make our new photo shoot more amazing than your previous ones. From Weddings, high school Senior pictures, Family and other photo shoots  you are always faced with the problem how the customer or clients should pose.

Thus, when working your clients always come first, just remember always listen to what their feedback is. It’s their photo shoot so make it about them, but you don’t want them to take command or do all the work you were hired for your photography and creative insight. Here’s a tip when you’re photographing your client or clients ask them if they have a seen a pose they liked. You want to make them as easy as you can. Make sure you always ask them if they’re comfortable with the pose you don’t want to them to do something that’s not comfortable with.

Senior Portraits

11060956_935544329831791_581229699101393458_oSenior portraits are high school seniors that are getting ready to take the next big step in their lives. They are moving into the next chapter in their life and getting their pictures to save the memory of your senior year and the other childhood memories for them to remember.

More or less of the most recent seniors, portraits I’ve seen lately are usually like this:
The client has a prop or just being themselves in their favored location. Boy or girl you should always show them how they are as an individual. Most of the time senior portraits are usually of a female or male smiling at the camera in a location of yours or their choice. You can shoot them standing, sitting or even lying in the grass so many options when it comes to senior portraits. Here’s some ideas when shooting senior portraits.

Wedding Portraits 

It’s your big day today. The day you get to photograph a wedding. What did you think I meant your wedding day? No silly! Two people are about to show their love for one another and they want to remember this magical  day for years to come!

Wedding portraits have come such a long way, from the classical wedding pictures of the married couple usually looking at the photographer and smiling. Now that there’s many ideas on posing out there on the internet to be viewed by people. I feel that there’s so much more passion and excitement between the couples and as well the photographer for the many ideas that’s been brought to the table and succeed.

When photographing weddings usually most of the photographers show the fine details in weddings such as the dress, shoes, and even the smallest nick knacks. But they show the couple either kissing, holding each other and staring at each other, as well the classical pose just smiling.

(A tip when photographing a wedding is to get the family and friends in the many photos taken just for the couple to commemorate their special day with the many photos you’ve taken.)

Heres some ideas when shooting wedding portraits…

There’s so many other photo shoot you can do, from family, couples and children.

Children portraits 

When working with children age does determine how your photo shoot is going to end out to be. When working with kids younger than 4 can be very stressful and over whelming be very calm and patient when working with younger kids. Make sure to have the parents help to receive their attention also even bring up to have the child take a nap before the photo shoot. From personal experience I recognize how it when the child is cranky and tired on a photo shoot. Older kids are prone to listen to you or their parents so they’re not going to be a trouble.

Now when photographing younger kids just let them be them don’t force them do anything they don’t want to do. So a playground or place that will entertain them for at no more than an hour is a great beginning. When the kid is happy then your photos become wonderful in showing the youngster in his environment. Now older kids don’t really care about anything dealing with a photo shoot there most likely being dragged by their parents are more than willing to do a photo shoot where ever.

Just remember that some kids listen and some don’t, just be really calm and just wait for that perfect picture to come to you.

Family portraits 

When working with families just have in mind that everyone in the family is different from age and size when working with this group of people. Don’t make one person the spotlight give everyone the same time and attention as everyone else.

Just remember that this is a group photo shoot so get the family together for a few pictures and then capture the individual pictures of the people that make the family.

Have fun with the photo shoot tell the household to create faces, be themselves. Be calm and patient with working with 3 people, family or a 10 person, family there could be that one person that is just not in the mood to get their photographs taken. With any photo shoot you should be calm and happy if you’re giving off a negative, angry they might think that you don’t want to shoot them and or be there.DSC_1292

5 tips to remember 

  • Be calm, give a full first impression
  • Make clients feel comfortable.
  • Think outside of the box with your photo shoots.
  • Involve your clients in the creative process.

Just believe in yourself as a photographer, let the creativity come out in your photos there never a wrong or correct way to pose just have faith in your client and yourself and everything will turn out great!

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