Qimage Version 2008.100 Release

Qimage Version 2008Qimage 2008.100 is designed to tackle the most demanding photographic printing jobs.
The new version includes some minor bug fixes and substantial improvements to memory management, allowing users to view, print, and process much larger photos (huge stitched panoramas and super high resolution scans of large negatives).
The development team’s policy of continuous improvement of the software according to clients needs is very pleasant:

Rather than adding new features, weve concentrated on performance with our initial release of Qimage 2008. Our goal is to bring in 2008 with a rock solid performer that has essentially no learning curve for users coming from Qimage 2007. Our future plans for Qimage 2008 include supplying incremental upgrades based on a list of predefined enhancements and allowing our users to prioritize those enhancements by voting (on our Qimage user groups) on the features they need first!

Click here to download Qimage 2008

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