RAW without Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Video Tutorials

Raw without FUDFrom the minds that brought us the sensational series of WhiBal® Certified Gray Cards now comes an instructive new Video Tutorial from RawWorkFlow.com that makes shooting RAW so easy and natural that users will wonder why they ever used any other camera mode. Produced and narrated by company founder Michael Tapes, RAW without Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt shows digital photographers why RAW is the easier way to shoot, and how to get the best visual results from their photography.

It is available as a download or a DVD-ROM and although the content is “raw converter agnostic in nature, instructs using leading RAW conversion software, Adobe Photoshop® Lightroom® 1.1 and Adobe Camera Raw® 4.1 (CS3), and serves as a valuable tutorial for those applications as well.

The 6-hour DVD and Download Versions are Mac- and Windows®-compatible and plays on any PC with Adobe Flash Player installed in the users web browser.

The RAW without Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt Video Tutorials are now available and will be priced at $34.95 (Download Version) and $49.95 (DVD with Extras Disc). Both are currently discounted to $29.95 and $44.95 during October 2007. The Extras Disc (DVD Version only) includes an additional two hours of bonus Adobe Lightroomâ„¢ Video Tutorials. The DVD purchase also includes RawWorkFlow.coms “instant gratification” download – the same identical content, but at a slightly reduced video quality.

Put simply, Michael Tapes cuts through the FUD surrounding RAW shooting and post production. “RAW without FUD is for those suffering from the symptoms of ‘JPEG Withdrawal,” The Raw Guru considers. “With RAW we are assured that all the information a camera is capable of gathering is at our disposal for development, and any exposure or White Balance errors are simple to correct. Once people understand how to handle RAW images, they will realize that the technique is actually faster and easier than shooting JPEG, with much higher quality results. The key thing about shooting in RAW mode is to start doing it now!” Tapes emphasizes. “It is unimportant whether a photographer has their raw workflow down solid or not at all. My goal in creating Raw without FUD was to demonstrate that RAW mode is not as mysterious or as difficult as people seem to think it is. There are easy transition paths such that one can begin to shoot raw right now; I stress the “now,” because once a photograph is taken that moment in time has past and it can never be captured again in exactly the same way.”

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