Renegade Photo Shoot 2007: Eleven Photographers In A Manhattan Afternoon

RenegadePR, a public relations and photo representation agency based in California, hosted Renegade Photo Shoot 2007: NYC on the streets of Manhattan October 17. This inaugural shoot brought together an eclectic mix of photographers – wedding, fashion, beauty, commercial, sports, environmental and paparazzi – to shoot varied assignments at five locations.

During the afternoon, photographers toked shots on sites around Manhattan. They used their own gear as well as equipment provided by Lexar Media, Nikon and California Sunbounce light enhancers. An expert outlined the assignment and provided tips and tricks for the best capture.
The shots can be viewed here.

Renegade Photo Shoot 2007

The list of shoot assignments and lead photographers:
• Wheres the Water Taxi, Eric Neilsen
• Chinatown Park, Alicia Hansen
• Shoot Like a Paparazzo, Henry Flores
• Street Fashion, Gisela Prishker and Mike Larson
• Studio Beauty, DeLillo and Stark

Also E. Sapwater, Brad Elterman, California Sunbounce light enhancers CEO Wolfgang-Peter Geller, Sam Posten and Kathy Leistner were present.

“The cultural diversity found on New York City streets, mixed with the Renegade team enabled me to learn different skills and open my eyes to new ways of photographically capturing imagery,” said Helene DeLillo of Helene DeLillo Photography. “As a creative person its essential to stay inspired and open to new concepts and visual ideas. Shooting side by side with other pros that I would not normally have the chance to work with makes this program so valuable.”
“Part of the paparazzo experience is dealing with the rush and mass of other shooters waiting to capture that great shot of a celebrity,” said Flores. “Then too its important to have an idea of hot locations. We were fortunate to catch Canadian actress, model and designer Marie-Lise Lachapelle and her husband at a café.”

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