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Documentary photography usually refers to a type of professional photojournalism, but it is rather described as a type of photography depicting a story about a particular subject (no matter if person, city, flowers, animal or whatever) in more than one single shot. So if photojournalism can stick to 1-3 photos for an article, in documentary photography the situation is up side down: fewer words and more photos. Therefore, such photos are meant for publication, but are sometimes only for exhibition in an art gallery or other public forum.

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Rosia Montana
The latest method of such a documentary is a combination of picture with text and music. What a nice piece of art made of 3 different types of arts :D. Later on I will write about some software that helps you do that, but now, lets take a look at a simple Documentary I made about “Rosia Montana”. Rosia Montana is a city in the mountains, famous in Romania because it is built upon a mountain of gold and a Canadian company now wants to effectively move the city in order to get the gold out. But the people living there will not move: they stick on the tradition (including old roman archaeology sites) and natural environmental protected sites. This is why the documentary is going to show the beauty of the place in 4 parts: the people and buildings, the landscape, the macro world, the old mine gallery.
On you can find more detailed informations about this subject:

Gold has been mined at Rosia Montana, in the Apuseni mountains of West-Central Romania, since pre-historic times.The project proposal is that by blasting and pulverising the landscape, the invisible gold and silver could be exposed to hazardous cyanide compounds that would separate them from the rock.
The scenery would be devastated, hills transformed into massive craters in a toxic, sterile desert.
The illegal process of forced resettlement has already begun.Will these unique historical and archaeological remains be obliterated and people forced to leave their homes?

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