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Royal Photographic Society
The Royal Photographic Society gathered the best images in order to create it’s first book, a ‘coffee table book presenting the work of The Society and its members. This portfolio will be published before Christmas in a number of 3,000 copies and it is expected to receive a high demand from the buyers. Portfolio One comprises 240 pages (with dimensions 24 x 26.5cm) and is limited edition, full colour, high quality, hard bound and printed with a black cover. It is available for purchase from at a cost of £30 plus p&p.

Portfolio One features work from top contemporary practitioners, like Honorary Fellows David Bailey CBE, Art Wolf and Steven Pyke, to historical figures like Roger Fenton, first Secretary of The Society. As with the Society it represents, the range of work covered by Portfolio One is huge, from the hard-hitting and sometimes disturbing photojournalism of Honorary Fellows Dennis Thorpe, Susan Meiselas, and Tom Stoddart, to the accomplished pictorialism of the Charnock family: Phil FRPS, Gwen FRPS and Chris ARPS.

RPS Portfolio One can be considered a time capsule indicative of the styles, genres and standards inherent in The Society at this time. Founded in 1853, The Royal Photographic Society was present at the very infancy of photography. Throughout its history, it has been involved with the publication of many fine books and journals, which have chartered the changes in photographic practice over more than a century and a half.


•Portfolios by Honorary Fellows Heather Angel,
David Bailey, Darren Heath, Susan Meiselas,
Steve Pyke, Tom Stoddart, Denis Thorpe and Art
•Members portfolios by the Charnock family, Ken Keene FRPS, Tim Rudman FRPS and Deng Wei FRPS.
•Illustrated articles by Jane Fletcher on Roger
Fenton and the Origins of the Society, Ten Processes That Changed Photography, and the recent acquisitions for the Tyng Collection of work by Mark Power and Trevor Crone.
•Photographic Anomalies of the Apollo Programme by Robin Jenkin PhD ASIS FRPS and Mark Richardson BSc.
•Selection of images from recent Society exhibitions, including the 150th International Print Exhibition.
•Contributions from Regions, Overseas Chapters and Groups.
•Images from recent Licentiateships, Associateships, and Fellowships.
•Members Gallery, comprising a large selection of the 2500 images submitted, including tributes to Adi (Eddy) Sethna FRPS and Barrie Thomas FRPS, past Vice Presidents who died in 2006.

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