Get Creative: Photos of the Same Moment in Different Views

In the art of photography, we often have the same moment in different views.

A photographic moment does almost never mean just one photo. One perfect moment will result in many photos. Some better than others, but each can be as good as the other one.

A photography session will mean that you are going to take many shots in the same place at the approximately same time. But also, if you are not alone, if you went shooting in the company of other photographers, that photographic moment is viewed from the perspective of more than a pair of eyes.

As a photographer (no matter if beginner or advanced), you always need to have your mind open for any kind of view of the scene in front of you. The photographers “third” eye is the creative mind which views the world through a viewfinder. Never chase to let your mind wonder and experiment different views, even views which at the first thought might not be as appealing as you think. Originality comes from experimentation.

You and your friends can create a whole exhibit or online gallery from just one hour photo session outdoors or indoors. And imagine how impressed everyone will be by the amount of ideas resulted, and how interesting some of these ideas will look to them.

Below is a very simple example just to illustrate what I’m talking about. All photos where done in span of a few minutes, and yet each one is a lot different than the other one.

Let’s list the differences to look after doing such experiments:

  • change the layout: landscape/portrait/square
  • change the horizon position: more sky or more land/water
  • change the subject position: in my case, the birds are having (naturally) different positions
  • change the perspective: bend down, slightly crocked to the left, slightly crocked to the right
  • change the zoom on the subject (and/or get closer/farther): the closer the subject, the blurry the background






By Laura

I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".

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