Samsung G800 – 5 Megapixel and 3x Zoom Camera Phone

Samsung G800The world of digital cameras and the one of cell phones are changing rapidly. Now, it’s a great deal to have a 5MP camera with 3x zoom on a cell phone! The Samsung G800, the worlds first 5 megapixel camera phone with 3x optical zoom lens, looks like a streamlined digital camera on one side and a fashionable mobile phone on the other side. And gues what: Features such as face detection, and Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), which are very up-to-date features even in todays digital cameras, are also equipped in the new G800! (soon i’m going to have a laptop in a pants pockets)
Elegantly equipped with multimedia features, the G800 still has a sophisticated slim design for the two handed grip when taking pictures. The large 2.4” QVGA LCD with a wide display allows users to view the screen like a digital camera. The 3x optical zoom is an inner zoom, where the lens does not extend outside the body of the phone, ensuring a slimmer design.

Boasting 3x optical zoom and Xenon flash to enable close-ups and exceptional photo detail, the G800 also comes with other most up-to-date digital camera features such as panorama shots, multi shots and macro shots.
Not only just taking pictures, the G800 also provides a very easy tool for sharing images and videos.
Plus, the Samsung G800 offers professional video editing functions so that people can easily cut, paste, and edit their own films directly on the camera-phone. A mobile blogging (so trendy these days) feature helps users to upload their favorite User Created Contents (UCC) site very easily. Supporting High Speed Downlink Packet Access (HSDPA), the photos or videos can be sent to others very quickly.
Samsung G800
The operations are done via a Graphical User Interface (GUI) which is intuitive and simple to use so that the user experiences the same environment as a digital camera when using the camera function on the phone. An On Screen Display (OSD) shows various camera indicators in a horizontal preview mode.

Geesung Choi, President of Samsungs Telecommunication Network said: “As multi-megapixel camera phone becomes more and more popular, the needs of actual digital camera-like features grow together. Samsungs G800 will satisfy the unmet needs in the camera category with a true digital camera-like design and functionality. The G800 will enable users to capture and share precious moments in their daily lives through the enhanced camera functions in a fast 3G network.”

Now, I’m pleased with what I heared about it, but I have one big question: how long will the battery life be for such a complex (all-in-one) device? I’m looking foreward for findin out more as soon as the Samsung G800 will be available in European countries starting from November 2007.
Samsung G800

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