Selfies and Snapshots: Tips for Printing From Your Smartphone

Printing options have greatly improved over the last few years and the days of needing to connect directly to your PC with a cable to be able to print a document, are long gone.

Wireless printing is now commonplace and if you are among the majority who tend to use their smartphone as their favoured device, you can now also print your selfies and snapshots direct from your phone.

Here is a look at how to print from your smartphone or tablet plus some tips on how to get the best results.

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Print using your iPhone

You can print photos using your iPhone without the need to involve your home computer and printing these images is relatively easy to accomplish, but the main thing you need to look for is a printer that supports AirPrint.

If you are looking to get a printer that supports this technology, you should also aim to get an inkjet printer that is specifically designed to print great photos and works well with speciality photo paper for best results.

Check what it costs online to replace HP ink cartridges or whatever model you are looking for, as this might help you decide on a particular brand or model over another.

If you have an old printer and don’t want to upgrade it just to be able to print photos form your iPhone, it is still possible to follow some instructions to be able to communicate between your phone and printer.

To use the AirPrint printing facility, open the photos app on your iPhone and tap on the photo you want to print. Then tap the share button at the bottom left-hand corner of your screen and tap print.

Your iPhone will then automatically detect any nearby printer which is AirPrint enabled and all you have to do after that is select and print to your chosen printer. This is a great feature because you can walk into a print shop for example and quickly and easily print some photos direct from your iPhone without any complicated set-up, it just takes the AirPrint feature to achieve this.

Smartphone printing

Printing from your smartphone or a tablet used to be a remarkably tedious and laborious exercise which involved connecting your device to a computer and then transferring the images so that they could be printed via the PC itself.

The same rules apply as with an iPhone in that you need access to a compatible printer which is either wireless or even Bluetooth enabled.

If you are going to make a regular habit of printing your photos taken on your smartphone straight from the device, you might want to consider investing in a portable photo printer, which should be specifically designed to work seamlessly with Apple and Android smartphones as well most tablets.

Getting the printer is not the solution on its own, as you will also have to make sure that you have the printer app needed for your phone, which is either the AirPrint already mentioned or Google Cloud Print.

Many mainstream printers have now produced their own app to make it compatible with your smartphone, so check you model and download the app so you can get printing.

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