Sports Pictures with Peter Read Miller

Peter Read Miller has been photographing the “sporting life” for over 30 years. He is also an acclaimed portrait photographer, and a member of Canon’s select Explorers of Light program. He is currently a staff photographer for “Spots Illustrated”, but his images have appeared on over 100 Sport Illustrated covers.
He tooked pictures of numerous world famous athletes including: Muhammad Ali, Joe Montana, Magic Johnson, Ivan Ivankov, Renaldo, John Wooden, Jackie Joyner-Kersee, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Barry Bonds, John Elway, Gabriella Reece, Shaquille ONeal and Kathy Ireland.
He also shot advertising for Nike, Adidas, Visa, Coca-Cola, Footlocker, Eastman Kodak, ABC Television, Panasonic, and the National Football League.

Sports Pictures by Peter Read Miller
Sports Pictures by Peter Read Miller
Sports Pictures by Peter Read Miller
Sports Pictures by Peter Read Miller

Peter has been an instructor at the Santa Fe Photographic Workshop in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and Rich Clarkson’s Sports Photography Workshop in Colorado Springs. Peter has also been a guest speaker at UCLA, San Jose State, the University of Tennessee and The Eastman Kodak Corporate Headquarters in Rochester, NY. Peter lives in Manhattan Beach, California. One of the last aceavements of Peter is The Dave Boss Award of Excellence Photographer of the Year from The Pro Football Hall of Fame. Also, his award-winning photo of San Diego Charger LaDainian Tomlinson appeared in photography magazines as part of Canons “Exactly what I was thinking” campaign.

It’s important for me to shoot images that communicate. At major events now, there are 50 to 100 people on the sidelines, shooting the same action. I want to get an image that really stands out.

So when I think about Sports Pictures, I think Peter Miller.

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I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".

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