Spyder3 Monitor Calibration Device

Whenever you need to process your images you first must make sure that your monitor is well calibrated to obtain the best possible results in matter of color accuracy, white balance, exposure and contrast.
Datacolor Spyder3 is a new monitor calibration device (also called colorimeter) aimed at photographers needing the most accurate color for digital editing.

Spyder3Elite incorporates a new suite of features for increased accuracy and performance and enables users to calibrate multiple studio displays to a single target. Spyder3Studio combines the features of Spyder3Elites display calibration with a printer profiling tool providing a complete calibration package for the whole workflow, from monitor to hard copy. Spyder3 measurement device is 37 per cent smaller than its Spyder2 predecessor. Calibration time is cut by 29 per cent to five minutes, with re-calibration at only two and a half minutes, which is 64 per cent faster than the previous model.

The new Spyder3 colorimeter offers the only seven-detector colour engine on the market, with its 27mm aperture, the largest in its class, giving a greater screen sampling area and a 400 per cent increase in light sensitivity. In conjunction with the embedded ambient light sensor, which automatically measures surrounding ambient light levels even when stored in its cradle, Spyder3 enables users to achieve the most precise results when calibrating a display, or multiple displays matched to a single target. Spyder3s optical design and colour engine enable calibration of the latest in wide gamut, LED backlight and AdobeRGB displays.

Spyder3 also introduces SpyderProof, a proofing function that lets users evaluate calibration results in before and after modes. Four quadrants of thematic images are displayed, targeting saturated colours, skin tones, gradients and black and white. Users can zoom in on any picture to assess highlights, shadow, colour or tonal response in greater detail, and softproof the images using custom profiles.
Spyder3Elites dual-mode software offers the choice of a walkthrough wizard guide or expert console to give advanced users full control of all settings. It is also the only device in its category able to calibrate front projectors. Unlimited, user-defined calibration targets for white point, gamma, white luminance and black luminance allow users to get the most from their digital workflow. Creatives using L-Star workflows can use Spyder3Elites patented L-Star compatible technologies as an alternative to typical gamma settings, enabling individual tonal response curves to be generated for open shadows and detailed highlights.

Coming with the Spider3Elite, Spider3Studio combines the features of Spyder3Elites display calibration with a printer profiling tool. Supplied with Datacolors 1005 Spectrocolorimeter and a colour calibration tile with tracking ruler for more accurate readings, Spyder3Studio produces professional-looking prints quickly and accurately, avoiding wasteful trial-and-error testing. Giving complete control over the digital workflow, Spyder3Studio means users can tailor colour management to their requirements from single-screen to complete studio solutions, as custom colour or black and white ICC profiles can be created and set up for individual printer and media selections.

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