Nikon D40x SLR Digital Camera Review

There are about 2 weeks now since I have the Nikon D40x and I am extremely pleased with it. The main reasons are: fast shooting and crystal clear images with natural colors, very low noise and plenty of sharpness. There are 2 more things I like about it: the fact that I can immediately delete a picture if I want without entering the playback mode (The length of time the image remains on the monitor is determined by option.) and the outstanding battery life (I believe I reached around 600 shots before recharging – and recharging time is a little bit less than 2 hours). It’s not heavy (this is important for me) and maintains the design of the previous 6MP Nikon D40, having a good grip and well placed buttons. Becoming familiar with the operation of the D40x will take little time even if the controls are well placed … Read more

Samsung Digimax NV11 Digital Camera Review

Compared to NV10, the new Digimax NV11 from Samsung has 5x optical zoom instead of 3x, a larger LCD, and 20% more battery life (up to 220 shots). The body design is not the most impressive on the market these days, but I’ll suppose this is the last thing that matters on a solid 10MP compact with full manual controls. At the back you’ll find 13 buttons – a lot of them – used by the Smart Touch system (including Face Detection – up to an impressive number of 8 faces – which by default is off). Advanced Shake Reduction (ASR) is available as a shooting mode and it is not a true optical image stabilizer – this is a minus for Samsung cameras. Shutter lag, shot to shot and lock focus are fast, but in low light, focusing performance lacks a bit. But now some good things about this … Read more

Nikon D200 Digital Camera Review

The design of this dSLR, like most of the semi-professional cameras, consists of rubberized magnesium weather-sealed body, with a good hand grip, plenty of space for an accurate viewfinder and a pop-up powerful flash and lots of buttons at the back. The colors, contrast and sharpness taken by Nikon D200 are great if you have some more advanced photography knowledge to manually adjust white balance, exposure, aperture and shutter speed. Like all cameras in this range, people pictures will result with no red eye due to the pop-up flash. Battery life is only a few hundred shots on a charge (Nikon claims 1,800 shots – probably without the LCD). The fast speed of the camera and the 10 MP are the main reasons why a photographer would choose to buy the D200 instead of an older Nikon dSLR. Compared to the 6 MP D100, it has a better metering and … Read more

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