Canon PowerShot A540 Digital Camera Review

Canon Powershot A540 adds Shutter and Aperture Priority Modes to the old Canon A530 as well as 6MP instead of 5MP, and continues featuring the 4x optical zoom. Also, it enlarges the LCD screen and a 16:9 widescreen resolution option. Not only that I’m happy to find a compact digital camera with manual functions and controls, but Im also happy to see it has a quite good optical viewfinder that can be used when the sign low battery appears; and the possibility to attach (with an adapter ring) filters and lenses (don’t expect a large range – its still a compact camera). An underwater case is also available as optional accessory. It has a good hand grip and its very steady on a tripod, but will only fit the bag, not the pocket. Not only the flexibility of the options it provides, but also the vivid colors, low noise and … Read more

Canon PowerShot A530 Digital Camera Review

Unlike most og the compact digital cameras on the market (which usually feature 3x optical zoom), this Canon A530 comes with 4x optical zoom. The LCD is smaller than the newer cameras, it lacks the Shutter and Aperture Priority, but, it does have a Manual Mode and other manual controls (like white balance, exposure, metering). By working with AA rechargeable batteries and MMC Memory Card, using the A series models from Canon is cheap and easy to find replacements anywhere around. For this model, Canon also offers, optionally, the possibility to take underwater pictures. The images are sharper than most compacts (this is a good thing) and the colors are just splendid. The amount of features that most compacts don’t have (however don’t expect image stabilization), are enchased into a metal body not slim at all (and not stylish also, but the buttons and menu are intuitive and easy to … Read more

Canon PowerShot SD700 IS Digital Camera Review

The Canon SD700 IS is a little bit larger than other Canon SD (Ixus) models. It is equipped with build-in flash and optical viewfinder (only 79% accuracy) at that top of the back; the buttons are located on the right side of the LCD. Like the other models from this series, it does not have shutter and aperture priority modes (but 16 other shooting modes). It features useful optical image stabilization system (with three modes, Continuous, Shoot Only, and Panning) and 4x optical zoom instead of 3x, as well as customizable “My Camera” settings. The SD700 IS reproduces the colors very well; images are sharp, free from noise (surprisingly low up to ISO 800) and artefacts, and it is also very responsive. This is everything you could want in a compact camera that makes not just decent photo, but excellent ones – maybe therefore its price is not the most … Read more

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