Samsung Digimax A503 Digital Camera Review

What I like most about Samsung Digimax A503 is the stylish compact, lightweight and still solid design (also unique and simple), in a mixture of silver and dark gray. The dial located around the lens enables you to easily choose between zoom and macro shots, and frequently used functions, resulting into a user-friendly, easy to use environment. You can also use the E button to access special effect functions such as color effect, highlight, composite shot and photo frame, a fact that gives a lot of fun to photographing with this camera. With 6 different color effects and individual adjustment of R-G-B, you can produce delicate image expressions, and, the highlight function enables you to blur the surroundings of the subject emphasized. This effect can highlight a rectangular shape, one person or two persons as desired. Also, the composite shot function allows you to take a picture progressively, like a … Read more

Samsung Digimax A403 Digital Camera Review

This Samsung camera only has 4 megapixels and the upper model, A503, adds 1 more megapixel. Both are available in 2 colors: silver and black, or, better said, in a combination of the colors in different proportions: a classic but stylish design with a stable grip. Even if it has 4MP, it comes with 5x optical zoom which is more than the standard 3x zoom and a very useful feature. The fact that it uses AA batteries and SD memory cards adds to the usability of the camera in any place and any situation – these accessories are cheaper and easy to find even in supermarkets. The image quality provided by the lenses Samsung uses is more than satisfying, so I highly recommend buying this camera lightweight camera for your kids trips. Samsung Digimax A403 Samsung Digimax A403 Samsung Digimax A403 Samsung Digimax A403 Digital Camera Specifications Functions: • Shooting … Read more

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