Canon PowerShot A530 Digital Camera Review

Unlike most og the compact digital cameras on the market (which usually feature 3x optical zoom), this Canon A530 comes with 4x optical zoom. The LCD is smaller than the newer cameras, it lacks the Shutter and Aperture Priority, but, it does have a Manual Mode and other manual controls (like white balance, exposure, metering). By working with AA rechargeable batteries and MMC Memory Card, using the A series models from Canon is cheap and easy to find replacements anywhere around. For this model, Canon also offers, optionally, the possibility to take underwater pictures. The images are sharper than most compacts (this is a good thing) and the colors are just splendid. The amount of features that most compacts don’t have (however don’t expect image stabilization), are enchased into a metal body not slim at all (and not stylish also, but the buttons and menu are intuitive and easy to … Read more

Canon PowerShot S3 IS Digital Camera Review

Canon PowerShot S3 IS was introduced at the Photo Marketing Association Trade Show in February 2006. The Canon S3 has some great features that make it the camera of the year: a 12x optical zoom lens to go with its 6.1-megapixel, 1/2.5-inch CCD and Digic II image processor, also, image stabilization. Just like on the S2, the S3’s lens cap seems to come off pretty easily. This model improves upon its predecessor with a new CCD that is designed to suppress noise and offers ISO sensitivities up to 800 (a fair amount of noise in landscape photos taken just after sunset and in close-ups taken during daylight in macro mode). Like the S2 before it, the PowerShot S3 has a redeye problem. While shooting, you can use the zoom feature with no added noise to the movie; it’s very quiet. Image stabilization is still active when shooting a movie. One … Read more

Canon Powershot A700 and A710 Digital Camera Review

The next step in Canon Powershot development after the 500 and 600 series, is the A700 series. The A700 model incorporates 22 shooting modes from fully automatic to fully manual to achieve optimum results for any photographic application. The new camera Canon Powershot A700 is also compatible with optional wide angle and telephoto lens converters, as well as a close-up lens and a wireless flash unit like its predecessors. The LCD screen goes larger to 2.5-inch (with Night Display and Grid Line Display), an improved direct printing function that permits greater flexibility in print settings. The number of effects included in the menu got some extra features: Vivid Blue, Vivid Green, and Vivid Red; lighter and darker skin tones, and positive film effects; colour accent setting turns all colours but the one selected by the user to monochrome (My Colors mode). Technical data of Canon Powershot A700 include: an 6x optical … Read more

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