Caplio GX100 Digital Camera Review

On March 28, 2007 this amazing new camera, superior model, successor to the Caplio GX8, was announced. It is the first digital camera to support a removable electronic viewfinder. Smooth Imaging Engine II image processing and Image stabilization (CCD-Shift) give high image quality with low noise, of high resolution (10MP). Other new features include the square mode with a 1:1 aspect ratio and the sepia mode for a larger range of expression. The Mode Dial on top of the body and the Up-Down Dial at the front of the body are easy to use and provide advanced manual settings. Optional accessories for the Caplio GX100: external flash, external viewfinder, hood and adaptor allow use of the 19 mm wide conversion lens or other 43 mm diameter accessories, such as various filters (Wide conversion lens DW-6, Hood and adapter HA-2, Soft case SC-45, Neck strap GS-1). Functions: • Shooting Modes: Cont, … Read more

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