The most common ways to carry your camera

There are several types of camera straps you can choose from. But first, let’s see why is it so important to choose a strap. Well, here’s some reasons why you should select a strap, clip or bag: It’s a lot easier to be able to keep your camera safe A camera strap allows your hands to be free A camera strap makes you more noticeable as a photographer   Free hands While using your camera, your hands tend to get very sore and tired from holding your camera over a long period of time. The bonus of having a strap or clip for your camera and not having to carry it all the time is a great way to take of the strain off your arms and shoulders. Secures camera This topic itself explains the reason we have straps, clip as well. It helps to keep our cameras safe and secured at all times. We tend to leave our stuff in the most unpredictable … Read more

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