Adjustment of Colors in Adobe Photoshop

Even if it’s one of the simplest manipulations of your original picture, the Adjustment of Colors is also one of the most effective. Its very useful when the weather its self creates tones of grey and the adjustments of hue and saturation wont help. All you have to do is to go to the Image menu in Adobe Photoshop: Image -> Adjustments -> Selective Color. Choose from the Colors the Neutrals Option and modify the tones as you wish. In my example, I added Cyan and decreased the Yellow to obtain bluish Relative (not Absolute) tones instead of grey, then a bit of Magenta to be as natural as possible. Second I got rid of the yellowish color on the bottom of the clouds using the same method. Now lets compare the original with the manipulated photo and conclude: its definitely better with the lilac clouds than the grey ones. I might have … Read more

7 Sure-Fire Tips for Great Weather Snapshots that Work

One of the most interesting subjects in photography is the power of nature, usually represented by the force of the weather. It is such a desired subject because it’s eye-catching, rare, and sometimes hard to capture. As a photographer, you should not avoid the so called bad weather, but, instead, you should follow the clouds and make the best out of every rain, be it a gentle one or a storm. Here are some tips and inspirational bits that will help you obtain great weather pictures. Tip (1) Wake up early, very early. You may find lower clouds and fog as well as water droplets at macro level. In summer 6 am will do, in winter around 8 am. Tip (2) Always carry your camera with you. Sun rays truth clouds are short moments you don’t want to miss. Tip (3) If its autumn, it may even be foggy all … Read more

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