12 Best Digital Cameras of The Year 2007

Hollydays are comming and you probaly wonder what gift to buy. A camera will always bring joy to anyone and many whish for such a surprize in the box. Digitalcamerainfo proposes a list of the best cameras released in 2007 and gives good suggestions for evry price range. By the way, they also say that in 2007 there were more than 200 camera models manufactured. As I was also following every photography related news, I can confirm that. However, some of them have just a few differences and have made a debate among the experts. Before asking yourself what camera you should buy, check which are the Best Digital Cameras of The Year. Image stabilization and face detection became universal features on every new camera starting from the second half of the year. 2007 is also the year when Foveron senzors started to conquer the market but it will be much … Read more

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z3 Digital Camera Review

The DiMAGE Z3 is the first ultra zoom camera Konica Minolta to use their exclusive Anti-shake image stabilization system which is very much needed on a ultra zoom camera. Two nice things about Minolta Z3 are the fact it uses AA batteries (better rechargeable) and SD compatible digital storage. The design is black-colored made mostly of high-grade plastic. It feels very solid and well-constructed, with a big grip, well placed buttons (important controls are all easy to reach) and there is good distance between the pop-up flash and the lens. The range of the lens is equivalent to 35 – 420 mm, allowing a large pallet of photography types and creativity. You can also add a wide-angle conversion lens as well as filters if you’d like. The image stabilization is not based of shifting an element in the lens to counteract “camera shake”, but the Z3 actually moves the CCD … Read more

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z5 Digital Camera Review

The Z series is one of the few ranges of digital cameras that look absolutely nothing like any film camera because of the unique futuristic design. The casing is plastic over a metal chassis, and the build quality is excellent: light and delicatebut in the same time it feels very strong and solid. Aside from a 5MP sensor and a couple of minor specification changes, the DiMAGE Z5 is almost identical to the Z3. The buttons are also extremely well placed, something that you can’t see on some other manufacturers. A 2 inch LCD monitor, a huge 12x optical zoom lens and Konica Minoltas innovative image stabilization system are good reasons for anyone to buy it. In terms of performance, it starts up in just under 2 seconds, and shot-to-shot time is approximately 2.5 seconds, which is not exceptional but from slow. Continuous shooting record the last 20 pictures at … Read more

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