People and Places Photography with Jim Richardson

Since 1985, Richardson has worked as a freelancer for the National Geographic Society. His story number 21 under National Geographic Society was published in March 2006. Even if he worked for other worldwide Photography Centres, this is what for he became famous. He has lectured in the National Geographic Society’s “Masters of Photography” series four times and offered intensive travel photography seminars for The Maine Photographic Workshops. In his case, it was the first time that the National Geographic Society has allowed an outside journalist to document its behind-the-scenes editorial process. He describes himself as a journalism photographer, focusing on the lives of people who shape or are affected by a particular place. Richardson started experimenting with his father’s box camera on his paren’ts’ farmstead in north central Kansas. He developed his photography skills while working for Student Publications at Kansas State University during the 1960s, and, from 1970 to … Read more

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