Exposure Triangle Explained: The relation between aperture, shutter speed and ISO

The exposure determines  how bright or dark an image will look like when you take a picture. If the picture is too bright, we call it overexposed. If it is too dark, then it’s underexposed. The light that reaches the camera’s sensor depends on three basic settings: Aperture ISO Shutter speed. These factors form what is known in photography as the exposure triangle. In order to produce professional looking pictures, it is essential to understand how changing one of these settings affects the others. To help you understand the relationship between these three elements, I have the following graphic ready. It will give you some suggestions for where to start with your settings. After that, it’s entirely up to your experimentation. What is exposure? Achieving the correct exposure is a tremendously hard thing to do, even for experienced photographers. Let’s compare this with the action of collecting rain in a bucket. You can control … Read more

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