How to photograph a hot steaming cup of coffee… or tea

Whether it is a cup of coffee or a cup of tea, people drink it all the time. And every time they drink it, there is a story coming with it. Some people like to drink it alone, to taste it while thinking about their own little world with their big problems. Other people like to gather and socialize in the morning at work, holding a hot cup of coffee and a cigarette. Either way, this old habit of drinking tea or coffee is always full of emotions, always meaning-full. This is probably the reason why the good old cup of beverage has been photographed over and over again. Pictures representing the morning coffee or tea have gone viral. Because EVERYONE is drinking a cup. It might be bitter, with sugar, with or without milk, but it’s a daily habit. Why not make a photographic story out of a daily habit … Read more

How to Photograph Christmas Decorations

Every photographer, from amateur to professional, will take pictures of Christmas Decorations because these are beautiful, eye catching, and most of all, memorable. From the view of the entire Christmas tree, to close-ups on simple and sophisticated decorations, it’s all sparkle and lovely. For the shots, remember to have a tripod and a remote controller. For the first Christmas tree picture, my friend Tudor used flash (with -2 exposure) in rear mode, in low light. Picture was taken in “Program” mode. The second Christmas tree picture has +3 exposure, no flash, and low light environment. Longer exposure time in this case: 20 sec.. Picture was taken in “Shutter Mode”. The white balance in case of such photographs is better set to “auto” since the colors from the lights differ from the environmental light and other lights coming from nearby. After all, the multitude of colorful lights is what makes Christmas … Read more

How to take amazing Circus Show Photos

Taking amazing circus show photos is rather difficult because of a variety of factors. To put it simple, the photographer has the hard job of capturing the right moment while the subject is moving in low artificial light. You see, I just mentioned two key issues there: low artificial light and movement. Let’s get into details about this. In a Circus Show there are many factors different from any other kind of photography type. For example, the white balance does not matter too much, and you should also not worry about having too much noise: sure you will since the lighting environment is poor and the use of flash will only ruin the magic of the show. The magic of the show is mostly based on motion and secondly on clothes. As a result, try to capture motion blur in your picture, but remember: slow shutter speed is not needed: … Read more

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