Nikon Coolpix L5 Digital Camera Review

The design of Coolpix L5 is different than the one of L4 or L6 and I must admit that I personally don’t like it. Its the 5x optical zoom that first catches my attention (not 3x like most of the cameras in this range). Then, the optical vibration reduction (image stabilization) brings another plus to the evaluation. Nikon’s Best Shot Selector (BSS) will select for keeping the sharpest picture out of 10 shots. The worst about this camera is the impossibility of modifying the ISO setting (exposure compensation, white balance and metering can be adjusted). Like most of the shapshooting compact digital cameras, it has plenty of scene modes but no manual or shutter/aperture priority. For example, one-touch portrait mode uses face-priority autofocus and sets a wide aperture to blur the background and make your subject stand out. With flash turned on, it takes 4 seconds between shots, which is … Read more

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