Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z10 Digital Camera Review

Konica Minolta Z10 has a silver solid plastic futurisc design except the black placstic lens cap. This ultra-zoom (however, the 8x is the least amount of zoom in the DiMAGE Z-series) is easy to hold and has the important controls well-placed. If you use rechargeble batteries, you will be amazed to find out that you can get up to 550 shots which is the top for this range of cameras. It’s also a fast camera: starts up almost instantly, with just a 1.1 second delay, while focusing speeds range from about 0.4 seconds for easy subjects at wide-angle to a second for more difficult subjects. The LCD is rather small compared to the latest cameras, and the Switch FInder located above the LCD can only be used when the LCD is deactivated. The macro mode allows you to get as close as 1cm from the subject and colors are accurate … Read more

Konica Minolta DiMAGE X1 Digital Camera Review

The 8-megapixel DiMAGE X1 is one of the most compact and slim cameras made by Konica Minolta. Despites for being so small, it has a large 2.5 inch LCD with bright backlight function making it confortable to use. For the first time in the DiMAGE X series, the DiMAGE X1 offers Anti-Shake Mode for steady shots in low light conditions. Another new thing on this camera is an improvent of the movie mode which now offers recording of smooth, high-resolution VGA (640×480 dots) movie clips with sound and the possibility of using the 3x optical zoom during recording. The DiMAGE X1 multifunction cradle is an useful tool that provides quick and easy connectivity for uploading and viewing images directly on a Computer or TV, as well as battery charging. It has a very reflective gray or silver surface and quite few very intuitive buttons (4-way selector at the back and … Read more

Konica Minolta DiMAGE Z6 Digital Camera Review

The design of this camera is very different than the rest of the cameras in it’s range. If you thought that a SLR-like ultra zoom digicam can not look fancy and stylish, you are wrong. The round forms of the design do not interfere with the camera usability and hand grip. The tripod mount is positioned well in the gravity center of the camera, but the mount is made of plastic – not very solid. It starts up in around two seconds and focus speed is about 0.2 seconds long. Konica Minoltas Z6 features a very good anti-shake system that will help you to zoom at maximum power of 12x without a tripod and take good shots in low light also. Because of the focal length of the lens, the images may result in having barrel distortion at wide angle, and at the telephoto end it has softness and chromatic … Read more

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