Night and Low Light Photography Books

The Complete Guide to Night and Low Light Photography By Lee Frost The 192 pages guide begins with a clear explanation of technical aspects that must be considered, such as the best equipment to use for low-light indoor or nighttime outdoor shots, which color and black-and-white films to choose, how to ensure correct exposure in tricky situations, and details relating to both natural and artificial light. The book then tackles a wide range of themes and lighting situations, presenting specific guidance for shooting low light landscapes, portraits, buildings, carnivals, fireworks displays, and weather phenomena such as lightning, sunrises, and sunsets. Night and Low-Light Techniques for Digital Photography By Peter Cope A 128 pages comprehensive discussion of color and tone teaches photographers how to change their overall perceptions in low-light environments and adjust their exposure settings and filters to suit a variety of light levels. The most adverse lighting situations are … Read more

National Geographic Photography Field Guide

I bet one of your first questions was: what photography books should I read? I warmly recommend you the National Geographic Photography Field Guide series. Shortly: 160 pages each, around 114 pictures, discusses equipment, technique, and composition, from preparation to final print, and covers both traditional film and the latest digital gear. When is the right moment to snap a sunset? How do you “freeze” your child in action on the soccer field? What’s the difference between a JPEG and a TIFF? These specialized guidebooks answer hundreds of questions and provide practical advice specific to particular types of photography. Filled with easy-to-follow instruction, illustrated by National Geographic photographs, each portable volume reveals the secrets behind the Society’s renowned photography-showing both novice and advanced photo-buffs how to take the best pictures of their lives. I wont get into details about each book, but I provide you the cover of them so … Read more

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