Photography Cheat Sheet 1: What is aperture and how does it work?

What is aperture? Definition: The aperture of a lens is the diameter of the diaphragm opening. It determines the amount of light that enters the camera and reaches the sensor. Explanation: The camera aperture is a key factor in the exposure triangle (aperture-focal length-ISO), and also determines the depth of field. The larger the aperture number, the less light will enter the camera, so more exposure time is needed, and/or larger ISO. The smaller the aperture number, the more shallow the depth of field. A shallow DOF means that the area in focus is small, and your focused subject will be surrounded by a more or less blurry background. How does aperture work? How to change the aperture. The numbers written on your lens to indicate the aperture are called “f-stops“. The act of narrowing down the aperture is often referred to as “stopping down” while opening it up is called “stopping up”. Each “stop” means that the light intensity … Read more

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