2008 Photography Workshops

I thought you may want to know about these photography workshops (which you can find and apply to at www.sundanceworkshop.com): The Spring Workshops, May 7-11, 2008, will feature travel and landscape photography. Workshops include: “Photographing on the Move” Travel photographer Nevada Wier will show how photographing on the move in foreign places requires the combination of technical expertise, culture competence, intuitive awareness, curiosity and a dash of panache. A specialist in adventure and travel photography, Ms. Wier will discuss how to combine the technical, practical and creative aspects of travel photography in order to get an image that elevates itself above the usual travel clichés. Read more about Ms. Wiers work at www.nevadawier.com. “A Natural Eye” An impassioned teacher and landscape photographer, Eddie Soloway brings vast experience in both nature and photography. His intense workshop will help students look at the natural world with fresh new eyes – striving to … Read more

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