Comprehensive Photomanipulation Tutorial

Check out how this image was transformed: Now, if you like it, below are the instructions, step by step, as written by Ariil Davidov. 1. Open the photo in Adobe Photoshop 2. Duplicate the original layer and name it “Eyes” (well, it’s purely for convenience 🙂 3. Change the blend mode (blend mode) the new layer to Screen 4. Add a mask to a new layer (layer mask) and fill it with black. 5. Now select white (can also be any grayscale, if you want to achieve transparency) and begin to paint until his eyes until they brighten. Use different sizes of brushes to achieve the desired effect. You can also change the opacity of the brush or layer to make the eyes light, or vice versa darker. 6. Press CTRL + SHIFT + ALT + E to merge both layers into a new one. 7. Add Channel Mixer, to … Read more

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