Sony Cybershot DSC-W90 Digital Camera Review

Unlike most of the point-an-shoot digital cameras, Sony Cybershot W90 comes with an optical viewfinder (its especially useful when you want to spare some battery life). In less than 2 seconds, the camera is ready to take pictures and will focus very quickly thanks to the Bionz processor. This camera has Face Detection and Optical Image Stabilization, both working well, but aperture- and shutter-priority modes are not considered even it is an 8MP camera. In Program mode, you can adjust white balance, type of focus and metering, exposure compensation and ISO sensitivity. You can take three shots (bracket) at three different compensation options which, combined later with a HDR program, will give stunning results. On the LCD you will see grid lines that help keep the horizons straight and compose. Except the lack of manual controls, this camera totally pleases me: the speed, the image quality and the easy of … Read more

Sony Cybershot DSC-W80 Digital Camera Review

The DSC-W80 has a newer interface and look compared to other W series cameras from Sony (it comes in attractive colors of the sleek metal body as well). Also, W80 uses Sony’s new Bionz image processor, which is much faster. The photos have sharp details and accurate colors, noticeable noise only from ISO 800 and above. Important features that improve your shots are: optical image stabilization, face-detecting auto focus and auto exposure (there is also ISO 3200 maximum sensitivity but in my opinion not very useful). High-definition slide shows with MP3 music support and in-camera image retouching worth mentions especially for those of you who don’t want to spend too much time with image adjustments at the PC. It can be used with the new Sony CSS-HD1 high-definition Cyber-shot Station, which comes with the component cable (also works as a charger for the camera); and the DSC-W80HDPR kit, which bundles … Read more

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