7 Tattoo Ideas to Cover Scars

Scars result from many different mishaps in our lives. No matter what has caused your scar, it is likely not to be a feature you want the world to see. Rather than putting makeup on the scar in an attempt to cover it up, why not use a tattoo to permanently cover this mark? Tattoos allow you to express your creative style with the added benefit of covering a scar. You’re free to pick and choose any type of tattoo that suits your taste and your style. The cost of the tattoo is minimal considering the massive advantages it offers to your life. If you’d like to cover your scar with a tattoo, take a look at 7 awesome cover up ideas and choose your favorite. 1. Roses Roses are especially popular with women and they’re certainly beautiful. They’re also easy to use as a cover-up for a scar since … Read more

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