4 Great Beginner Tips for Better Digital Photos

If you have just purchased a new compact or SLR camera, you now wonder about how to use it at it’s best. I bet you are excited to start capturing pictures with your new digital device. But after the first shots, you notice that your pictures do not look just like you wanted to! Fret no longer… this happens to every photography beginner. Start your photographic journey with this short article to find out 4 simple, yet effective, suggestions for taking more interesting and eye-catching photos. Tip 1 – Try out different camera exposure settings It’s easy and comfortable to keep the camera on auto mode and just point and shoot. However, get out of that comfort zone. The main features you can easily play with are white balance and exposure compensation. Then, once you got the handle of these, you can move on to more advanced settings: the exposure triangle features – ISO, aperture and … Read more

13 Creative Photography Ideas that DON’T require Photo Manipulation

Aspiring photographers usually wander the streets of the city or the paths of nature in search for a good photography subject. But sometimes, they have a spark of inspiration that makes them observe things which “blow people’s mind” after the photo is taken. Other photographers are creative in the studio, with still life objects, or human models. All of these ideas have one thing in common: no photo manipulation was involved. No, there is no trick here. Just a genius mind and a camera. Creative photography usually makes people think about manipulation various photos into something they imagined, but, when you see an image that is simply taken with the photo camera and nothing more, you tend to say: “wow, what a great idea!” or even: “why didn’t I think of that?” After a while, some of these photos become viral over the internet (think about the ring placed in a book, with a … Read more

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