Why You Need Professional Wedding Photographer?


There’s a school of thought which says anyone with a camera could take pictures. Why should pay high to hire someone to do it for you, if you can simply whip out your phone or fancy digital camera and snap away? With regards to wedding photography there’s even of school of thought who says you simply get all your visitors or guests to take pictures and upload them to a website for everyone to see. That is great, if you have some visitors who are skilled with a camera and are ready to spend your memorable event looking through the lens, rather than enjoying the occasion. In general, you’re much better off putting yourselves in the hands of an expert wedding photographer, in order that you end up with an amazing set of pictures which do justice your very special day. Here are the reasons why you need to get … Read more

Become a Professional Wedding Photographer

Out of the many things you can do as a photographer, you can choose to become a wedding photographer and have the advantage of only working a few months per year. The rest of months, you can do whatever you like or simply go with stock photography as a side-business. So, if you are serious about this photography career, then I have found the right teaching material for you. Nick Stubbs is a professional wedding photographer since around 1980. But apart from that, he has a passion for teaching and love to see others succeed in this business and over the years.  For this purpose, he created Wedding Photography Blueprint. I’m gona have to quote him: “It is great to watch my students go from absolute novice to running their own busy, successful photography business in just a couple of short years.” Customers who already bought the series of 8 DVD’s of Wedding Photography Blueprint, … Read more

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