The Art Institute of Indianapolis Introduces New Digital Photography Program

The new Digital Photography programs from the Art Institute of Indianapolis prepare graduates for entry-level careers in digital imaging, advertising and commercial photography, studio photography, event photography and photojournalism (magazine, newspaper, newsletter, etc). It includes hands-on courses emphasizing the fundamentals of photography, imaging and studio practices as well as career-oriented classes in business, law, marketing and communication.

According to the press release, students receive instruction in advanced camera techniques, lighting, composition and digital retouching. The program also provides students with access to a specialized computer lab outfitted with industry-related imaging software and a comprehensive suite of equipment at their disposal, from professional-grade digital cameras to lenses and lighting equipment. Students are also offered resume-building opportunities throughout the program and graduate with digital portfolios demonstrating their practical and technical capabilities.

“Digital technology has revolutionized commercial photography and has changed the skill requirements needed to succeed in this highly competitive field,” said Madeleine Slutsky, president of The Art Institute of Indianapolis. “Our curriculum responds to the nuances of this specialized skill-set by offering a diverse mix of practical coursework and relevant experiences across multiple photography disciplines including studio, fashion, food and media. We provide students with the resources they need to enter the continually-evolving world of commercial photography.”

For more information about Digital Photography or other degree programs in Culinary Arts, Culinary Management, Fashion Design, Fashion & Retail Management, Media Arts & Animation, Graphic Design, Interactive Media Design and Interior Design, please visit The Art Institute of Indianapolis at or call 317-613-4800 or 866-441-9031.

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