The Art of Photographing Nature – Photography Book

Art Wolfe, the author of this Photography Book about the art of nature, is America’s most renowned nature photographer. The other author of the book is Martha Hill.
The inside of the book (192 pages) is filled with full color photos, each of them accompanied by explanations about how they were made and tips about how to compose a nature scene.
The Art of Photographing NatureWhen more than one photo is illustrating the same subject, the authors compare the scenes, telling the reader why one is better than the other one, advantages and disadvantages of a certain angle of view for that particular subject.
There are not many technical informations, but “The Art of Photographing Nature” does cover some natural lighting and exposure issues.
The short explicit text in the book teaches the reader lessons from the examples – a pleasing and effective method of understanding artistic concepts of nature photography.
More than that, the text covers both perspectives of photographer and photo buyer – recommended for those considering selling their nature photography.

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