The International Review of Images with Soundtrack for Under 25 year olds

The competition, launched under the Royal Photographic Society, is known as IRIS-25 (The International Review of Images with Soundtrack for Under 25 year olds) and it is designed to promote and encourage the interest and growth of Digital Audio Visual photography among young people. The deadline for entries is 21st April 2008 and free software to assist in creating the increasingly popular sequences has been kindly provided by Igor Kokarev of the Pictures to Exe Software company . Entry forms can be downloaded from .
The entry categories are:
· Single author under 16 years old (prize – £100)
· Single author aged 16 to 24 years (prize – £150 + Pollock Medal)
· Group entry – by young people aged under 16 (prize – £100)
· Group entry – by young people aged 16 – 24 years (prize – £150)

A Special Prize will also be awarded to the school or college with the maximum number of entries.

“The production of AV sequences involves many skills useful in modern life, and can benefit the workers and leaders of tomorrow, teaching them to communicate, not only visually but also verbally; to look, listen and understand; and to express their ideas creatively with skill and sensitivity.” – Maureen Albright, Organiser.

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