The Magic of Digital Nature Photography Book

The Magic of Digital Nature Photography
Rob Sheppards published teachings have made the object of reviews because he is a great writer and teacher of digital photographic arts (other books: Adobe Photoshop Lightroom for Digital Photographers Only, Outdoor Photographer Landscape and Nature Photography with Photoshop CS2, Adobe Camera Raw for Digital Photographers Only). His target are amateurs, digital photography beginners.

In this 207 pages Photography Book
, he reveals the magic of digital nature photography by presenting invaluable insider techniques and insights: use a histogram to get the ideal exposure, or white balance to create atmospheric images; learn how to shoot crisp close-ups or awe-inspiring panoramic shots, and how to enhance pictures by using filters such as grads and polarizers. After that, see how image-editing software can turn ordinary images into extraordinary photos.

Want to look at some of the photos used in book? Here’s a link to his gallery regarding nature.
At the close of each chapter, he provides a set of tips that photographers at all levels can use to improve their pictures. He also includes portfolios and interviews by some of the great nature photographers to give you inspirational ideas and photographic culture.

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