The most common ways to carry your camera

There are several types of camera straps you can choose from. But first, let’s see why is it so important to choose a strap. Well, here’s some reasons why you should select a strap, clip or bag:16803e1112db7f8268634536e775542e

  • It’s a lot easier to be able to keep your camera safe
  • A camera strap allows your hands to be free
  • A camera strap makes you more noticeable as a photographer


Free hands

While using your camera, your hands tend to get very sore and tired from holding your camera over a long period of time. The bonus of having a strap or clip for your camera and not having to carry it all the time is a great way to take of the strain off your arms and shoulders.

Secures camera

This topic itself explains the reason we have straps, clip as well. It helps to keep our cameras safe and secured at all times. We tend to leave our stuff in the most unpredictable places in the public. Having these items prevents us from dropping and breaking our cameras the camera bag, strap or even a clip will save us as photographers so much trouble in the long run.

Makes you noticeable

When you are a photographer a camera strap makes you more of a photographer more presentable when on photo shoots, events or even publicity.  As well as when people see you they can ask you about your business or work and that is a great opportunity for you to advertise and get your business out into the world.

Now let’s get into details about the types of camera stripes…

Shoulder strap


You don’t just have to wear your neck strap around your neck at all times you can utilize it as a shoulder strap this in my opinion is a lot more comfortable. There are multiple ways you can carry or hold your camera, here are some examples:

(Put it round your neck, across your body on your left or right side, or just keep it where your dominant hand can rest on it.)

Some of the benefits of the shoulder straps are when you’re walking your camera isn’t bouncing off your abdomen or chest. Which can be really bothersome and painful at times.  But with shoulder strap you’ll be more prone to hit it off everything and not know that it’s there at times.

Neck strap 

This would be the strap that comes with your camera.

(Put it round your neck, and the camera should lie in front along the stomach.  Or chest, whatever is more comfortable for you.)

Some of the positives is that you’re less likely to not lose your camera by being able to hold it close to you. But it might be bothersome and painful when your camera hits you in your stomach while you’re walking and moving.


Rapid strap

This is just like the shoulder strap but it slides up and down freely on the strap. This is used as a slider that screws into a tripod which means your camera would be upside down.

You can move your camera very easily into the view of your eye, you don’t have to worry about your strap getting trapped under other strap such as camera bag straps etc.  However, you won’t have to unscrew your tripod you can merely reduce it from the strap.

Camera clip

A camera clip can be hooked to your belt and can be used to clip a camera to your waist so you keep it there while you are not using it.  A quick release plate that’s attached to your becapture-camera-clip-7ee1_600.0000001314846724lt can be screwed into the camera and into the tripod clip. The quick release plate can be stuck to your belt and or a camera bag strap. The tripod plate that’s attached to the bottom of the camera slides into the quick release plate and locks so that’s it not able to fall.


This is not as fast to get your camera to your eye though, as well as the weight of the camera and can also be very concerned as a risk of dropping or falling too much.

Hand and wrist strap 

The hand and wrist strap will connect your camera close to your hand.  It makes it easier to hold a secure grip on your camera.  Tleather-hand-strap-2c77.0000001311886299he one disadvantage is that when you want to use your hand without the camera you will have to remove the strap.


A hand and wrist strap connect to one strap on the camera that is attached by screws into the tripod socket.  But the weight along the camera might strain your hand.

The best way to carry your camera

So, which is the best method?… Well the best method for me is not what’s best for you! Chose a strap that’s comfortable for you and meets your needs as a Photographer.

By Kelsey

Kelsey is my name, I've been in the photography field for 5 years. I have a photography business called It's all about moments also I'm a mother to an amazing little boy.

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