The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX

Learn Nikon’s Capture NXâ„¢ and unleash the power of your Nikon® DSLR! The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NXâ„¢, by Jason P. Odell, is a comprehensive eBook tutorial that will help you get the most out of Nikon’s Capture NXâ„¢ software. Whether you are an advanced photographer or just getting started with digital, The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NXâ„¢ will lower your learning curve so you can start making great images right away. You don’t have to be a professional photographer to have professional quality images!
ISBN 978-1424332724

The Photographer's Guide to Capture NX
What’s inside:
• How to set up your Nikon DSLR for a raw workflow
• Global Adjustments to Light and Color
• Local Adjustments to Light and Color
• Sharpening and Noise Reduction techniques
• When to use Mode I, II or III color
• How to fix white balance like a pro
• How to recreate the look of Velvia film
• Highlight recovery
• How to use Color Control Points
• Can’t miss settings for beautiful landscapes
• Sure-fire settings for portraits
• Black and White conversions
• How to save multiple versions of your image in a single NEF file
• And much more!

The Photographer’s Guide to Capture NX is available on CD-ROM for $29.99 USD, or via download* for $24.99 USD.

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