The Winners of Tamron’s “An Emotional Appeal” 2007 and the 2008 Contest

The Grand Prize Picture- “Mixed Emotions” by Lance Taylor
Lance Taylor of Ft. Meade, Maryland took this charming picture of his wife Jacqueline and 3-year old daughter Jillian at a beach near Corolla, North Carolina. “The water was pretty frigid,” recalls Taylor “and Jillian couldnt stand up in the waves by herself, so my wife would pick her up and lift her up over the water as they rolled in. In this instance, she didnt catch her in time and Jillian fell down and got chilled as a wave rushed in. I grabbed this shot of my wife smiling broadly as she picked the baby up, but my daughters somewhat pained expression shows that she was none too pleased about being dunked. For obvious reasons, my informal name for this shot is ‘mixed emotions.” Indeed the juxtaposition of divergent expressions and emotions, as well as the tight close-up composition emphasizing the essentials is what makes this shot a winner.
The other winners are:
“Home on the Ranch” by Becky Maness
“Bawling Baby Girl” by Nathan Maxfield
Lance Taylor

The Tamron “An Emotional Appeal” 2008 Photo Contest
Tamron USA, Inc. just announced the “An Emotional Appeal” 2008 Photo Contest and is looking for images from scrapbook and photo enthusiasts that convey a variety of human emotions-happy, sad, tired, mad, or any other. The contest winner will receive a Tamron AF28-300mm VC zoom lens with Vibration Compensation designed for all of todays popular Canon and Nikon digital SLR cameras (a $600 street value). The winner and 20 favorites will be featured in Tamrons online photo gallery. Deadline is 11/30/08.

A bonus for anyone who downloads the contest entry form is advice from professional photographer Andre Costantini, who has run workshops designed for scrapbookers at several scrapbook stores and regularly lectures on portrait photography around the country. Costantini provides 10 Photo Tips for Better People Photography that are sure to help photographers of any level make better pictures.

The contest rules and entry form, as well as Andre Costantinis photo tips, can be downloaded by logging onto

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