These 6 Easy Steps Guarantee You Will Become A Better and Prepared Photographer!

Step 1: Triple Check Your Equipment Before You Go Shooting

It always happened to me to forget something. The last “mini photo trip” had the impact on me to always check my equipment on every single and last detail.

Weve taken with us two Nikon cameras, four lenses and one point and shoot digital camera (canon a640). We wanted to make a test. The most important test was to compare Nikon 70-300mm Vibrate Reduction lenses with Tamron AF-S 70-300mm lenses for Nikon. For this test we needed the tripod that weve taken with us. BUT Ive forgot the head of the tripod. So there I was, with lot of equipment but with out that little piece Ive need it. Mission Failed!

So check:
– batteries (back up batteries)
– tripod and the head of the tripod
– lenses
– filters
– settings of the camera (why would you shoot the first picture with the settings left from home?)
– camera and lens hoods

Step 2: Travel

Now you are prepared. The next step is to travel. Go to places where you never been before. Its true that a good photographer can make from one scene thousands of good photos but a smart photographer will travel. Traveling will help discover the world and always have interesting and new pictures.

You can’t go to the same park and expect to always have killer photos. Change places!

Step 3: Try to Avoid the Mid of the Day

A definition of photography says: paint with the light. In photography its all about the light. In the mid of the day most of the time youll have a white sky and the objects will have no shades, these means: no story to tell (in most of the cases).

Step 4: Always Shoot a Scene from Different Angles

Don’t get satisfied with just one angle. Try more angles and different settings.

Step 5: For Snapshots on Moving Targets Try to Avoid Manual Settings

If you shoot birds, children, moving objects you should use the auto mode or pre-programmed modes. Try to avoid manual settings, because the object is moving so you will have different light, shutter speed and aperture.

Step 6: A Good Photographer Knows that Not All Photos Are Astonishing: Be Very Selective

If you want to be considered a good photographer be very selective, edit your photos and include in your portfolio only the killer photographs.

You could go in a trip and make 1000 photos where would you get only three astonishing photos and 50 OK photos. Include in your portfolio only the best ones.

The photos are from one of my trip around the country. 2 days – 600 photos.

I always recommend to buy a dslr.

Written by Tudor Mateescu.

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