Tokina 12-24mm f4 DX Review

Tokina 12-24mmTokina 12-24mm f4 DX is usualy used with Nikon and Canon dSLR’s. Between 18 and 24mm the full 35mm size frame is fully illuminated, though the image quality outside the limits of the APS-C frame may be questionable. This lens is not designed for full frame 35mm use. There is no manual/autofocus switch. Instead you push the focus ring forward to switch to AF mode and pull it back to select manual focus. Autofocus is quiet and fast, though not quite so quiet and fast as the Canon EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5 which has a ring USM motor.
More about comparison between Tokina 12-24mm f4 DX and Canon EF-S 10-22/3.5-4.5.
In terms of optical quality the Canon may be a little sharper in the corners wide open at the wide end and the Tokina may be a little sharper in the corners wide open at the long end, but overall the optical quality of the two lenses is pretty similar.

• Zoom Range: 12-24 mm
• Aperture: F/22-F/4
• Minimum Focus Distance: 11.8 inch (30cm)
• Macro Ratio: 1:8
• Filter Size : 77mm
• Dimensions : 3.3 in. (84mm) X 3.5 in. (89.5mm)

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