Understanding Exposure Photography Book

Understanding Exposure
Most of the people I know in the photographic world say this (Understanding Exposure: How to Shoot Great Photographs with a Film or Digital Camera) is the best book they ever read. Therefore, it is on my wish list and last night I actually dreamed about it since Amazon.com now has a 40% off charge.

In 160 pages, Bryan Peterson explains how to capture the image, not processing of the image after it is captured. The information applies to both compact digital cameras and digital SLR cameras. Step by step, with pictures, covers the composition, lighting, exposure and each specific photography type: macro photography, motion, stationery objects, night photography, portraits, landscapes… everything. It explains metering, white balance, filters, DOF, techniques, and answers to questions like: Why this? Why that? The thing I like the most is that it provides exercises so you wont just read something and in practice still feel kind of lost.
It is a book every photographer should have among with Learning to See Creatively by the same author.

For serious amateur photographers who already shoot perfectly focused, accurately exposed images but want to be more creative with a camera, heres the book to consult. More than seventy techniques, both popular and less-familiar approaches, are covered in detail, including advanced exposure, bounced flash and candlelight, infrared, multiple images, soft-focus effects, unusual vantage points, zooming, and other carefully chosen ways to enhance photographs. The A-Z format make sit easy for readers to find a specific technique, and each one is explained in jargon-free language. Top Tips for each technique help readers achieve superb results, even on the first attempt.

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