Underwater Photography Tips

Passioned about underwater photography? You want to take spectacular underwater photos with a gear that is worth less than $500 US?
Here’s what tp do: look at the underwater photo gallery from the Caribbean and plan a trip to this cristal clear see. Then, while packing your stuff (snorkel and mask in the first place), read the tips given by The Digital Story.
Images from the gallery are taken with Canon PowerShot SD700 IS camera packed into Canon WP-DC5 waterproof case.
Tip 1:
If you don’t want to use the flash, shoot in shallow depths and use image stabilization.
Tip 2:
Use the camera’s Underwater scene mode if it has one.
Special Tip:
Don’t touch the coral or harass the fish.

Read about these tips here

Underwater photography is a terrific way to spice up your image library. I like the exercise I get with a good swim, and then you can celebrate your “catch” with a cold rum drink or two while relaxing on the beach afterward. – Derrick Story

Another very good article on this mater (with more technical tips): Underwater photographer Mark Snyder shows how to shed extraordinary light on the world below the waves. However, this is for those who afford a more expensive gear.
Underwater Photography

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