Wedding Photography Atlanta – Tips for Great Memories

One of the wedding planning details that many couples offer insufficient attention is selecting the right wedding photographer. It’s important to remember that the photographer you choose will be responsible for capturing the moments and memories of what may be the most important day of your life! With this in mind, you’ll want to take great care in selecting a wedding photographer that will both listen to your needs and wants, and has a high degree of creativity mixed with photographic experience.

Finally the big day is closing… It is upon you to let the photographer make it the most memorable day of your life! Let me start by giving you an idea about what a good wedding photographer does (or what to expect from the bundle of wedding photographs), and then I’ll point you into the right direction for Atlanta Wedding Photography services.

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Wedding Photography Tips that you’ll want to consider about your future wedding photos:

  • Mother or maiden helping the bride with one last detail, such as the veil, or the back buttoning/zipping of the dress. TIP: This is most pleasantly captured when the image also shows the face of the bride reflected in the mirror – whenever it is possible.
  • Detailed close-up photos of the bride’s flower bouquet, other table decorations, the wedding rings on the entwined fingers and/or resting on a surface, even details of the groom’s suit.
  • Group photos of the bridesmaids surrounding the wedding pair. Group photos of close friends and family with the wedding pair. TIP: these photos are mostly done in front of the church and in a nearby park before the party.
  • Important moments of the ceremony: Bride and groom making their way to the front of the chapel, bridal party walking down the aisle, a large view of all guests and the pair inside the church, close-up of the bride and groom’s hands as they exchange rings, the kiss, walking away from the church hand-in-hand, etc.
  • Candid images of the guests laughing with the bride and groom, hugging, congratulating, etc.
  • Directed images of the bride and groom together in a special environment. The most commonly used is a park with trees and flowers, but one might also consider a more out-of-the box location involving ruins of an ancient building, or the inside of a palace (especially in a rainy day) – whatever place is easily accessible and affordable. This is when the photographer will focus on staging the position of the newlywed couple.
  • Portraits of the bride: let the photographer make both close-up shots to capture the makeup and front veil, as well as un-common perspectives that capture the majesty of the dress.

Make sure to discuss this list with your chosen wedding photographer.
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