Photography Critique Edition #2

photo critique

In this second edition of “photo critique” I received 3 wonderful images. Let’s see them.

Ieva Miltiņa


Technical Aspects

This is an instant portrait with a good natural lighting. I would have preferred a more shallow DOF. The fingers are out of the photograph so this not technically correct. Everything else (contrast, colors, white balance, sharpness) is ok. I notice some warm tones over the image but I like this. The image looks sharp, which is important from my point of view. White balance is good: the white is neither bluish nor yellowish.

Visual Aesthetics

It’s important for an image to be quick, instant, natural, but in this case, the position of the mouth is not exactly a pleasant one. I notice that the pattern of her clothes goes well with the pattern formed by the windows at the back. The message transmitted by the image is clear: the morning cigarette on the balcony (or something like that). The eyes look beautyfull and every detail on the face of the model look very good.

Technical Aspects

This second portrait is much better in my opinion. I am very pleased with the composition, sharpness and DOF.

Visual Aesthetics

I love this natural smile, I love the coloring, the tones, the softness of the image in overall and the sharpness over the eyes. It really catches me. What I don’t like is the position of the watermark. It’s disturbing and I would have rather placed it in some corner. This image is worth to be featured in some magazine.

The other 2 images will be commented next week.

Adrián Mihálko


Technical Aspects

Even if there is an obvious underexposure, this image is a good example of exception from the rules. I noticed, in the high resolution image, that there is no noise but some pixelation in the shadows area, probably because there was some noise reduction applied. Nothing wrong with that – it’s not very visible. The image is rather soft than sharp but in this case it’s the right thing for entering the atmosphere of love.

Visual Aesthetics

Kudos for making a creative picture! Originality is much appreciated. The image creates a special mood and I’m sure this will make a great gift for someone special. I like the idea that the light forms a hearth while entering the darkness. Maybe you can consider duo-toning the image since there are some green and blue pixels there that don’t make much sens. Great job!

Do you want your photo to receive a critique at Send your image at[at] and next week your photo will be commented here.

By Laura

I started photography as a hobby in 2005, during college. My passion slowly became a more important part of my life since 2008. Because of using a combination of my photographic knowledge, with those of internet marketing, I like to call myself a "photomarketer".


  1. Nice writeup, I think you made good points and observations on all three images. One thing that caught my instantly is that on the enlarged view Ieva Miltiņa’s first image there are some masking issues around the hair and especially around the fingers/hand/cigarette. In those regions, it becomes apparen’t where post-processing blur was applied to present DOF. Nothin’ wrong with PP-DOF, I just have an eye for those kind of details…

    It might be something to mention to the artist for future reference, ’tis all.

    Thanks for the article!

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