What is a Digital Camera Firmware?

What is a Digital Camera Firmware?

The Firmware is a combination of read-only memory, program code, and data stored in a camera. Basically, it’s the core that allows you to use certain features, as programmed by the camera manufacturer. In other words, it’s the operating system of the camera.

In order to benefit from the entire power of your camera – or fix some issues, you should check if it has the latest firmware version, and if not, upgrade it.

The firmware update procedure may vary slightly from one make and model of camera to another, so it’s important to follow the instructions carefully. Moreover, updating digital camera firmware by third party publishers can enhance functionality or unlock hidden functionality.


Canon Firmware Update for Digital Rebel XTi

The EOS Digital Rebel XTi/EOS 400D DSLR is one of my favourite cameras. According to Canon, this digital camera has a minor issue with PictBridge. If you had the “chance” to deal with this, here’s a good news: the printing of lens names when using PictBridge has been fixed!
The firmware update that fixis the problem (Version 1.0.5) also improves the reliability of communication with the Speedlite 380EX and [Redeye 1] can now be selected when connecting with specific printers.

Things to know:
A power failure during the firmware writing operation may disable the camera.
Do not shut off the power during the firmware writing operation.
Do not open the CF card slot cover during the firmware writing operation.
Do not press any camera buttons during the firmware writing operation.

(A) Format the CF Card
(B) Download the firmware update
(C-1) Copy the firmware update file to the CF card.
(C-2) Start the firmware update.
(D-1) Connect the camera and the computer.
(D-2) Start the firmware update.
(E) Update the firmware.
(F) Complete the firmware update.

For details and download click here.

Firmware Update for Sony Cybershot T100

Sony has recently discovered an issue affecting the “slide show with music” function in certain units of its Digital Still Camera Cyber-shot DSC-T100.
When the “slide show with music” function is used with your transferred music more than 170 seconds in length, the slide show may not play correctly, with the message “No images” appearing on the LCD screen.
This issue is caused by a problem affecting the units built-in software that results in insufficient memory capacity during playback.

In its effort to ensure customer satisfaction, Sony has elected to offer a downloadable software update to owners of affected cameras. Installing the downloadable update will resolve the issue.
Sony will also offer a free repair service for customers who prefer not to perform the update. Any customers requiring this service are requested to contact Sony Support at 800-222-SONY (800-222-7669).

More informations and download

FujiFilm FinePix S5 Pro Firmware Update

FinePix S5 Pro Firmware Update V. 1.06 incorporates the following issues:

1. Better white balance when setting FLASH-mode for the WHITE BALANCE.
2. Better white balance when setting AUTO-mode for the WHITE BALANCE and using Nikon
non-CPU lenses. *It requires to set the maximum aperture according to the FinePix S5 Pro
Owner’s Manual (p.121- p.124).
3. Upgrade of Barcode-reading function
4. Upgrade of [FUNCTION LOCK] function


Firmware Update for Olympus E-410 & E-510

If you have an Olympus E-410 or E-510 digital SLRs, and if you don’t know this yet, last month the Olympus development team released updated firmware.
The E-410 software improves the accuracy of white balance preview whilst using Live View and stops the file name sequence from being reset when images are deleted.
Both cameras will now have improved CompactFlash write performance if you download the firmware bellow:
Updated firmware 1.2 for Olympus E-410
Updated firmware 1.1 for Olympus E-510

Canon EOS Digital Rebel XTi / EOS 400D Firmware Update Ver 1.1.1

This update incorporates the following fixes and improvements:

1. Adds detailed information about three new lenses.
2. Polish has been added as a new display language in the menu screens.

A power failure during the firmware writing operation may disable the camera.

* Use a fully charged Battery Pack or dedicated AC Adapter Kit (Optional) ACK-DC20 for the firmware update.
* Do not shut off the power during the firmware writing operation.
* Do not open the CF card slot cover during the firmware writing operation.

Do not press any camera buttons during the firmware writing operation.

More informations and download here.

Sigma SD14 Camera Firmware v.1.05

The new Firmware v.1.05 includes ISO 50 for low sensitivity when using Extended mode. SD14 v.1.05 cannot be used with SD9 or SD10 cameras. Also, the possessors of Sigma SD14 will no longer have trouble with issues like camera freeze on the LCD panel, video output display, and difficulties with the number of remaining shots on the CF card.

You can get tips for using the new ISO 50 feature and download SD14 1.05 here.

Ricoh GR Digital II Firmware Update v1.12

Ricoh GR Digital II is a 10 megapixel compact digital camera with a 28mm, f/2.4 fixed focal length lens. Firmware Version 1.12 adds the following improvements:

– Improved an image quality in a small size (VGA etc.)
– Modified the following phenomena.
If you operate the ADJ lever in the macro mode, display switching speed may change.
If you operate the ADJ lever while compensating exposure, any keys will not work.
– When you exit a macro mode, the lens unit operating will become initialized in order to improve a focus accuracy.

Ricoh GR Digital II Firmware Update v1.12

Sony A700 DSLR Firmware Update

Version 3 provides the following benefits:

Benefits over firmware version 2:

  1. Resolves an issue where the Access Lamp remains lit and the camera stops responding when several pictures are taken in rapid succession.
  2. Resolves an issue where powering the camera off while in “MR” mode may cause some registered settings to carry over to other shooting modes.

Additional benefits over other firmware versions:

  • Sharper images for pictures taken under low contrast conditions
  • Reduced noise for pictures taken at ISO 3200
  • Improved flash control for objects closer than 1 meter with non ADI controlled lenses

Sony A700 Firmware Update v3 (Europe)
Sony A700 Firmware Update v3 (USA)

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