Working with Photostitch to Create and View Panoramic Pictures

There are many programs that stitch together more photos to obtain a panoramic picture, but from all those, I use Photostitch that came with my Canon digicam.
The Photostitch Launcher offers the possibility to merge the images or to view and print merged images. The Viewer program impressed me with the 360 panoramas: it goes round and round with no break between the beginning and the end.
Working with Photostitch
Step 1: Selection and Arrangement
After opening the images with the merging software, the next thing to be done is to arrange: horizontal, vertical, matrix or 360 degrees. This is critical to the way the software will treat the images in the merging process. You can also switch the position of the images (normally the number given by the camera is considered), rotate and clear one or more images.
Working with Photostitch
Step 2: The Merging Process
If you made the panorama with or without tripod, the merging program has 3 methods of binding from which you can choose: Panning (the most used one – landscape scenery), Parallel Camera Movement (use this if you arranged in matrix at the previous step) or Images Scanned in Sections (I use this with my scanner more than with the camera).
If none of the above satisfies you enough, press on “Display Seams” and then click on the merging are you want to change. Now you can manually put one image above the other and set the blending points.
Working with Photostitch
Step 3: Adjusting final Image
Before actually saving the image, the software indicates you the right cropping that fit the resulting photo. You must have noticed by now that, in the process, the images have been distorted differently. However, it that cropping does not please you, you can easily change it by resizing the green frame. In the adjust image submenu, there is an option called wide. Try it if your original panorama looks distorted (for example if you shot a long building from a side – one end of it is close to you, the other is far).
Finally, save the image and you will be prompted for the viewer to see it fitting in the screen or at full size.
Working with Photostitch

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