World Press Photo of the Year 2006

The annual exhibition of World Press Photo will visit in 2007 over 85 locations around the world. For the exhibition schedule see:

Overall winner: Spencer Platt, USA, Getty Images
World Press Photo jury chair Michele McNally describes the winning image: “It’s a picture you can keep looking at. It has the complexity and contradiction of real life, amidst chaos. This photograph makes you look beyond the obvious.”

winner of world press photo of the year 2006

Spot News
1st prize singles: Akintunde Akinleye, Nigeria, Reuters
1st prize stories: Davide Monteleone, Italy, Contrasto

Contemporary Issues
1st prize singles: Walter Astrada, Argentina, World Picture Network
1st prize stories: José Cendón, Spain, Agence France-Presse

General News
1st prize singles: Paolo Pellegrin, Italy, Magnum Photos for Newsweek/The New York Times Magazine
1st prize stories: Zsolt Szigetváry, Hungary, for MTI

Daily Life
1st prize singles: Spencer Platt, USA, Getty Images
1st prize stories: David Guttenfelder, USA, The Associated Press

People in the News
1st prize singles: Oded Balilty, Israel, The Associated Press
1st prize stories: Q. Sakamaki, Japan, Redux Pictures

1st prize singles: Nina Berman, USA, Redux Pictures for People
1st prize stories: Nicolas Righetti, Switzerland, Rezo

Sports Action
1st prize singles: Max Rossi, Italy, Reuters
1st prize stories: Peter Schols, the Netherlands, Dagblad De Limburger/GPD/Reuters

Arts and Entertainment
1st prize singles: Espen Rasmussen, Norway, Verdens Gang
1st prize stories: Denis Darzacq, France, Agence Vu

Sports Features
1st prize singles: Franck Seguin, France, Deadline Photo Press
1st prize stories: João Kehl, Brazil, Cia de Foto

1st prize singles: Michael Nichols, USA, National Geographic Magazine
1st prize stories: Paul Nicklen, National Geographic Magazine

All the winners and their photos on the official World Press Photo gallery.

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